About MASAKI Sushi

An innovative addition to Niagara’s culinary scene, where using only the finest seafood brought straight from Japan. Our Executive Chef provides an authentic yet modern Japanese cuisine experience that rivals the Sushi restaurants of Tokyo.

The serene setting and atmosphere at Masaki is the perfect complement to our Chef’s beautiful creations. We invite you to come, connect with friends and share a meal that is truly an experience.


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Make a Reservation

Awesome Sushi!
Fresh. Well presented. Great service. We will be back!! I haven't had sushi this good in a very long time. Our new go-to restaurant.
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Absolutely Phenomenal!
Was absolutely blown away with the quality of the sushi! Unbelievably good. Definitely would highly recommend to anyone planning dinner in NOTL with friends, families or couples.
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New Japanese Gem in NOTL!
Great little Japanese restaurant, which recently opened in NOTL. Food great. Service excellent. Friendly staff. Well worth a trip.
TripAdvisor Review
Watching Chef Jay work, it’s like watching a mix of an artist and an engineer, everything is so precise yet passionate.
Nic McCabe
Chef Jay Han uses such an amazing array of the freshest seafood you can find in Southern Ontario.
Chef Ti
I've spent my whole life avoiding sushi, just never appealed to me but they put it in front of me and it's insane how good it was!
Having had quite a bit of Chef Jay Han’s cuisine I can say that his knowledge of Japanese cuisine is truly impressive. From his exceptional knife skills, high standards of preparation, to the artful elegance of his dishes, true lovers of world cuisine will have yet another reason to come to Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Carlo Robazza
For Chef Jay Han it seems to be all about the food! His food is so fresh, authentic and as real as it can get! I have tasted his fresh perfect fish served with rice that is seasoned and cooked like it was a science. It is a mind blowing culinary experience to sit at the Sushi bar and watch his knife skills. What a great talent and addition to the NOTL culinary Scene!!!
Paul MacIntyre